Thursday, February 24, 2011

Techlore: New Genesis mini series press release


Alpha Dog Studios Release Their First Mini Series: Techlore: New Genesis

May 1, 2011-Alpha Dog Studios releases its first mini series Techlore: New Genesis. This release will be the first of several projects to hit the comic book market in 2011 from Alpha Dog Studios.

Techlore was created back in 1997 and first published through Blind Wolf Comics. Now, the first mini series for this IP will be available for purchase from Alpha Dog Studios starting May 1, 2011.

Techlore: New Genesis is a four part mini series. The first issue is 24 pages, full color, in standard comic book format, and will be sold for $3.99. It is written and created by Will Caligan. The artistic team is as follows: Pencils by Josh Shade, inks by Le Beau Underwood and colors by Emmanuel Ordaz Torres. The cover is penciled by Randy Green, inks by Rick Ketcham, and colors by Torres.

Techolore: New Genesis is set in a future where man can access magic through technology and the children of Avalon have returned to our realm. The story revolves around a half elf and half human bounty hunter named Ariele. She is given the task to protect a young boy, named Merlin, from the evil of Sagan, the King of the dark elf ravenous clan.

Be part of the adventure. See a world mixed with fantasy and science fiction. Order your copy on May 1, 2011 or please pick up a copy at the Alpha Dog Studios tables at a summer convention near you.

To place an order, please use the contact information below and please add and additional $2 for shipping cost.

Will Caligan



  1. These pages look great. I look forward to seeing the rest of them.

  2. Thanks Kyle. We can't wait for you to see them too.