Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playboy Super Heroes and the sketch assignment for this week.

Hope everyone is having a productive and safe week.

Here are the sketches for our Playboy Heroes assignment. We were lucky to have our friend, Andrew Harmon, participate in this assignment. He did the great sketch of blob as a Playboy Bunny. Great sketch Andrew and thanks for participating.

This weeks assignment is brought you by studio mate, Mark Stegbauer and it is "The Lone Ranger." Time to get the horse reference out.

We hope that more watchers will participate with our weekly assignments. We love seeing what you guys and gals produce.



  1. Hope you join in on some more sketches buddy. We enjoyed having ya.

  2. Great stuff Will, gotta say I miss all this stuff, been so busy with games art lately ain't had chance to check your work out. Will try to take part in this if I can!

    Hope you and your family are doing well!



  3. Thanks so much Ric. I hope you get a chance to participate in one. Glad to hear though that you are busy with work. That is a blessing my friend.